[ABee] Iwatobi Chanto! (Free!)

Iwatobi-ChantoTitle: Iwatobi Chanto!
Circle/Artist: ABee/Hachi Fujiko (Pixiv)
Parody: Free!
Pairing: Makoto x Haruka
Rating: R-18
Joint project with ebil trio

Brief Summary:
Makoto comes up with a new idea in order to get it on with Haruka. XD

This is probably really early, but if I were going with the time in Japan, it’d be fine.
Have a Happy Christmas Eve and Merry Xmas in advance!

Christmas isn’t as huge a holiday in Japan as it is in the West. In fact because Christmas isn’t a public holiday, most of the celebrating is done on Xmas Eve, which is why we’ll be bringing you a few releases across Xmas Eve to celebrate Christmas!

Before I continue with random stuff, we’d like to thank the lovely k1w11 of ebil_trio for helping out! We’re also very thankful for all the raws they’ve supplied us with. ^^

So about ABee… While I was translating it, I was pretty much going between ‘What?!’ and LOL. If you haven’t read her other stuff (some of which has been done by lpscanlations), do be warned that she has a very interesting sense of humor… XD If you have (and especially if you like her), then enjoy~

Download Link
Read it online here.

  • milollita

    LOL that was kind of crazy but thank you!

  • Reizen

    hahaha so funny XD