[Kakoze no Uta] Natsu ni Oborete (Daiya)

Natsu-ni-OboreteTitle: Natsu no Oborete
Circle/Artist: Kakoze no Uta/Mizu (Pixiv)
Parody: Daiya no A
Pairing: Miyuki x Sawamura
Rating: R-18

Brief Summary:
Eijun accidentally gets sprayed on by a hose and goes to get changed. What happens when Miyuki stops by without any warning?

Our first ever Daiya no A release! And also Happy Birthday, Kimi!

Nice to meet everyone! tyl here, your resident ‘newbie’ translator and more recently, jin’s apporntice. XD Hmm… What should I say here…

Okay… There haven’t been many Daiya doujin released so far, so we were delighted when Shinji-san offered this to us! We have a few more lined up for next year, especially with Winter Comiket and another Daiya doujin event next Jan, so we hope to bring you more of this awesomeness in the future (although I must admit I’m not as huge a fan of Daiya compared to certain other series, though I really like Daiya too). If you were thinking that we’re a Free! only scan group, I hope the recent releases have and will go some way to dispelling that, but at the same time, it’s true that we have a ton of Free! stuff lined up as well so… XD Other groups are doing less of Free! and more of other stuff, so I guess we’ll make up for it? Haha. Enjoy~

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  • Een Apple

    I love this pairing in Daiya no A. but It’s a pity there’s just little dj trans for this pairing.

  • Reading link not working :/

    • jingerific

      Please read the announcement below the banner, or the sticky post in the homepage, or the FAQ

      • I see, thank you. Downloading it is my option then.

  • RmonJ

    Thank you very much!! ˓ٛ˃̵̢̡̢ˊ͈ˣੰॢˋ͈ॢٛٛ˂̵̡̢̡༿˒˒৳ɦ੨৸кઽ❣༚˚·° ஐ。✼