[OZONE] Lost Scope (SnK)

Lost-ScopeTitle: Lost Scope
Circle/Artist: OZONE/Kawashima Origa (Pixiv)
Parody: Shingeki no Kyojin
Pairing: Jean x Eren (Maybe?)
Rating: PG-13

Brief Summary:
Jean has a dream…

2nd Christmas release! Enjoy~

And here we have our first PG-13 release. XD (Just so you know, in addition to smutty stories and sweet/cute stories, I enjoy serious stuff occasionally too. But you won’t see stuff like that here too often though… XD) Although I associate reflection with New Year’s Eve, (like reflecting back on the year to prepare for the new one) that’s something that can be done throughout the year and Christmas is no exception. It is the season to think of others and give unto others.

With that, enjoy some serious!Jean. We’ll have something more lighthearted later. ^^

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