[Caffeine] Good Morning (Free!)

Good-MorningTitle: Good Morning
Circle/Artist: CAFFEINE/Oosawa (Pixiv)
Parody: Free!
Pairing: Makoto x Rin (Mob x Makoto | Mob x Rin)
Rating: R-99
Warning: Mob

Brief Summary:
Makoto wants Rin to depend on him more.

Can we still call this part of New Year release?

I’m very sorry for the delays. So many things happened… OTL

Maybe because it’s really cursed (scary).
If you’ve looked at our previous current project list, there were only 2 out of 7(?) projects that has been released from that list. Originally, this one was to be released on Makoto’s birthday but many things happened so we couldn’t. Then, we shelved it for our 100th release, then Christmas release, then New Year release, then today. It was moved so many times because of so many things that have to be done for this doujinshi. It’s more terrible than Karaage’s works. If I were to nominate a doujinshi for “Most Difficult Doujinshi to Scanlate” award, this will be the one I’ll nominate and it’ll probably win it. Thanks to all of the people who worked on this doujinshi. Look at the credit page and you’ll know who probably died 3 times after doing this. I hope that person’s all right… hahaha

UPDATE: The author’s note is now translated. ^^ Look here to read.

AND, we’re in dire need JPN Translators, JPN-ENG Proofreaders, Editors, QCers, and Graphic Artists. If you’re interested, email as at baka-dumb-aho@outlook.com (For more info, go to our recruitment page).

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  • Joanna

    Man, this doujin. Still one of my sick favorites.

    caffeine… I hope you guys do more of the circle.~

    • jingerific

      Well, if the amount of sfx will decrease, we would. I died several times working on this one and I don’t want to experience it again.

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    Thank you so much!

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    Thank you so much!

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    thanks a lot ^^

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