[Junky Crown] Dependence & Coexistence (Free!)

Dependence-and-CoexistenceTitle: Dependence & Coexistence
Circle/Artist: Junky Crown/Tsukineko (Pixiv)
Parody: Free!
Pairing: Makoto x Haruka
Rating: R-18

Brief Summary:
Both Makoto and Haruka think about their relationship.

Happy Birthday to our resident fanartist, Drama!

Thanks to all of you who’ve supported us for the past 100 days and so.

We’re currently in need of JPN translators/proofreaders. Want to freelance only? No problem!

Read it online here.
Download Link: ZIPPY

  • Yuuki Hiwatari Yaoifujoshi

    thanks :3

  • milollita

    So cute! Thank you very much! 😀