[Bien] Kijou no Plant (SnK)

Kijou-no-PlantTitle: Kijou no Plant (Theoretical Plants)
Circle/Artist: Bien/nerigom (Pixiv)
Parody: Shingeki no Kyojin
Pairing: Jean x Armin
Rating: R-18

Brief Summary:
Jean and Armin are *trying something*

NOTE: Title translation on the page after the cover page is from the doujinka. We opted to not replace it.

So… this is one of the less popular pairings but some of our staff adore it. We hope more people would ship them.

Read it online here.
RAR Download: ZIPPY

I forgot to thank Shinji-san in the earlier post T^T
Shinji-san, thanks for letting us use your scans and for always granting our selfish requests to work on them.

We need some help in translating/cleaning doujinshi for our White Day Project (KnB, DMMd, Daiya no A). We’re also open for joint projects.

For the first time, we’re looking for QC-ers (must have scanlation experience).
( Work + other real life priorities prohibit me from doing my scanlation work ; ^ ; )

  • GaviotaPerdida

    Thanks a lot! I like this couple! ^^

  • gwendelp

    Hello thank you very much, i also like this pairing !! it’s rare to find it lol and even eren x armin

    • jingerific

      Hi! You’re welcome. Yeah, it’s one of those rare pairings T^T
      About EreMin… we have a future project with that pairing (=

  • Maddie

    My OTP <3 Thank you! I hope you will find another djs with this couple! (In my opinion it's much better than Jean x Marco, which – personally – i hate). <3

    • jingerific

      Yes, we will do more of them =)
      We also have Adult!Armin x Adult!Jean doujins in the pipeline ^^

      • Maddie

        Yaay! Im glad 😀

  • Vie ♔

    THANK U SO MUCH~! <3
    I really love this pairing, A LOT. my fav snk otp~ but yes, it's less popular TT^TT
    hope u guys will do more scanlation for jearmin <3