[licca] Tonari no Haruka Onii-chan (Free!)

Tonari-no-Haruka-Onii-chanTitle: Tonari no Haruka Onii-chan (My Next Door Neighbor, Haruka Onii-chan)
Circle/Artist: licca/Kashima (Pixiv)
Parody: Free!
Pairing: Makoto x Haruka
Rating: R-18

Brief Summary:
AU | Makoto is three years younger than Haruka and has feelings for him but cannot express it because of their age gap. This doujin spans two years, from the time Makoto is in 5th grade to one of his first days as a junior high school student.

This can be considered (borderline) shota (a few pages of it).

This is 76 pages long. The longest one we’ve done so far.

Read it online here.
RAR Download: ZIPPY

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  • ニコルコベート

    Thanks! You guys rock!

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  • gwendelp

    Hello, thank you, it’s rare a DJ that long… very hard to finish it 🙂 thanks a lot and i don’t know if i already read a licca DJ ! all new, for me. I like MakoHaru 🙂

    • jingerific

      You’re welcome! You better get ready because our white day projects are really long =D
      Licca did AoEx in the past. Re: Free!, I think this is the first one which got scanlated. Her other MakoHaru stuffs are being done by other groups.

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        oh oh, good for you it’s not next week the “White day” 🙂 good luck for all your preparations.
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        i will read this one tonight, more time that now thank you

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    We’ll continue to work great and be more awesome =)
    The first time I saw this doujin, it was love at first sight.
    We hope there are more of this kind of doujin ^^

  • milollita

    Thank you for scanlating it! It’s really a beautiful doujin, story and art. Thank you very much!

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