[Sashikizu] Cicatrix Spectrum Anthology Extras (KnB)

Gusari AnthoTitle: Cicatrix Spectrum Anthology Extras
Circle/Artist: Sashikizu/Gusari (Pixiv)
Parody: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko | Kiyoshi x Hyuuga
Rating: PG-13

Brief Summary:
(Very) short stories about Kagami and Kuroko, and Kiyoshi and Hyuuga

Also includes color pages from the anthology. ^^

Happy Valentine’s Day! (Sorry for using the monochrome version of the cover…)

Due to certain issues, we’re unable to release everything we planned for Valentine’s. For that, and to the staff who’ve all worked so hard, we’re sorry. We’ll try to release the rest next week when we catch up. Until then, please enjoy what we have to offer. ^^

Read it online here.
RAR Download: ZIPPY

We’re planning to do the parts of the anthology that haven’t been scanlated by other groups or people, so expect them in the near future.

For convenience and information, here’s a list of the contents of the anthology and links to where they may be found.

24 Second Rule – Done by andreaphobia (Link)
Ashita no Tenki – Done by andreaphobia and others (Link)
Hikari e.p – Completed. Available here.
Furikaereba Yatsu ga Iru – In this release
Yonbanme no Sentaku – In this release
Toaru Kagaku no Shoumei – Done by Dear Marionette (Link)
Sakura no Kisetsu – Completed. Available here.
13 Centimeters – Completed. Available here.
Kizuato Spectrum Kakioroshi – Completed. Available here.

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  • Yuuki Hiwatari Yaoifujoshi

    really thanks nwn

    • jingerific

      You’re welcome! We’re glad you liked it =)

  • Pia

    Dear Baka Dumb Aho scans team
    My name is Pia , I would like to ask you a permission for retranslate “Yonbanme no Sentaku” into Thai.
    I’m not a scanlation group but after reading this,I’m really like it. (And i like KiyoxHyu too !!)
    But I don’t know your rules because I can’t open your retranslate rules page.
    (I enter this site by catched web on google)
    I will keep all your rules and send you the link of Thai version , If you allow.
    Sorry for not have tumblr that why I can’t send a message .But this is my mail pianette_pia@hotmail.com
    Please ,answer me even if you allow me or not.


    • jingerific

      Permission granted but please do it through email next time

    • Pia

      It has done already.
      Thank you very much for allow me using your scan and retranslate from your version.


      • jingerific

        Oh btw, next time, just send an email to us regarding this matter ^^

  • Rhodos

    Gusari. *foams* Thank you! >///<

  • Sukirin

    Hello! Thanks for all your work! I just love your site! I just started reading doujins just a couple of weeks ago and I totally would love to read these ones but the links are broken :'{
    I’d be really grateful if you could do something about them. Thanks! and again! Thanks for putting so much hard work and dedication into this! We appreciate it! <3