[Plantain] Baka Ie, Ore wa Motomoto Kekkou Tamaru… (SnK)

Baka-IeTitle: Baka Ie, Ore wa Motomoto Kekkou Tamaru… (Don’t be stupid, I’ve had it built up for a while…)
Circle/Artist: Plantain/Nichii (Pixiv)
Parody: Shingeki no Kyojin
Pairing: Erwin x Levi | Eren x Levi
Rating: R-99
Joint project with Yaoi x Yuri Scantrad

Brief Summary:
Levi is sexually frustrated when Erwin can’t satisfy him. Eren happens to see him doing that and…

It’s another Eruri, but with Ereri too! This time, we have a doujin with lots of action, and lots of what some would consider “things that make your eyes light up in excitement”. I hope you enjoy this… It’s been a very long time since we started working on it until we finally finished it. We have our joint partners to thank for helping us out with this. ^^ The TakaMido that’s still on hold (because Jin’s busy with tons of other things XD) will probably be the book that’s gonna take the longest to finish though. Haha. I’ll keep it short this time, since I’m a little tired, so enjoy and look forward to more releases tomorrow. ^^

Read it online here.
RAR Download: ZIPPY

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