[OAZUKE] Singin’ in the Rain (Daiya)

Singin-in-the-RainTitle: Singin’ in the Rain
Circle/Artist: OAZUKE/Kokonotsu (Pixiv)
Parody: Daiya no A
Pairing: Miyuki x Sawamura
Rating: G
Joint project with Taste and Eat

Brief Summary:
Miyuki offered to share his umbrella with Eijun since it’s raining hard and it’d be bad for his shoulders if he gets drenched. While sharing the umbrella, Miyuki couldn’t stop teasing him.

Happy Birthday Eijun-kun~
(in Harucchi’s voice)

If you’re not familiar with the circle or artist, it’s Kyuugou-sensei. Yeah, that mangaka who always hurts our kokoro from his tragic works.

Even though it’s by Kyuugou-sensei, there’s nothing tragic at all. It’s actually quite refreshing hehehe

We’d also like to thank Taste and Eat for this collaboration.

Expect another Daiya doujin by Kyuugou-sensei in an hour =)

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  • Chii_chan

    Happy Birthay Eijuuuuuun~~~~~~♥
    Kyuugou is amazing, right? But I have a love and hate relationship with her works. Sometimes is too painful. TAT
    Thank you very much for the dj!

    • jingerific

      A painful tragic angsty Daiya doujin from Kyuugou would be amazing @.@
      I hope the latest one is.

  • Maute50

    Thank you very much for sharing and all your hard work!!

  • gwendelp

    Hello, Thank you very much, Kyuugou is one of my best mangaka, it’s true that her works are quite “drama” but i love her drawings 🙂 (her RoyEd is fantastic !!!) i didn’t recognize her style on the picture above!! whoua i’m glad to read her DJ again !! thanks a lot (Furuya must be sadddd lol and chris too)

  • GaviotaPerdida

    Thanks so much again, you are on fire! Yes, some of Kyuugou’s works are so angsty and sad yet so powerful. But yay for a not tragic Daiya by this wonderful mangaka! 😀

    • jingerific

      I actually want a tragic angsty Daiya doujin from Kyuugou. Sensei, please make it happen.

  • zargin

    MY. GOODNESS. Kyuugou-senseeeeiiii :’3 One of my big-3!!!! Thank you very muuuuch!

  • RmonJ

    Thank you very much!! (人´㉨`)♡