Sweet-Coffee-CafeTitle: SWEET COFFEE CAFE au lait BITTER
Circle/Artist: OAZUKE/Kokonotsu (Pixiv)
Parody: Daiya no A
Pairing: Miyuki x Sawamura
Rating: PG-13
Joint project with Taste and Eat

Brief Summary:
Miyuki offered to buy Eijun a milk coffee when he saw Eijun getting a black coffee by accident. After that, they went to the staircase and Miyuki made some advances at Eijun.

AGAIN, Happy Birthday Eijun-kun!!!
(in Harucchi’s voice)

This is really sweet and not bitter at all. Baka Taichou has this “duhehehe” smile working on it. Miyuki y-y-you… you’re such a tease~!

I think my brief summaries are getting longer the more I post O.O
They’re not brief at all now! xD
(Has been resummarized =P)

Anyway, have fun reading~
…and thanks to Taste and Eat for collaborating with us with these two Kyuugou Daiya doujin~

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  • GaviotaPerdida

    OMG what can I say? Kyuugou and Daiya together, it’s like a dream come true! Thanks so much! 😀

  • PPD

    the story is soooooo fluffy and so is the drawing. i love how this doujinka picture MiSawa’s romance with no OOC at all. thankyou so much for this gift, minna! 😀

    • jingerific

      Well, it’s by Kyuugou-sensei after all. I definitely rec her other works =)

  • Elena

    thank you so much! augh. can’t believe kyuugou sensei released dna djs ;A;
    really great <3

  • RmonJ

    Thank you very much!! (人´㉨`)♡