[Cinnamon] many many many (Haikyuu!!)

many-many-manyTitle: many many many
Circle/Artist: Cinnamon/Macho (Pixiv)
Parody: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Sugawara x Daichi
Rating: R-18

Brief Summary:
Sugawara and Daichi made a promise to only do it after the Spring Tournament but can they hold out?

Happy belated birthday to Suga-san!

Honestly, I couldn’t believe Suga as the seme would work! I always thought Daichi would be the top in this pairing AND couple that with Miyumiyu voicing Suga… BUT having Suga as the top is totally a new experience xD

We’d like to thank aerobird for providing the raws! This was really beautiful @.@
OFC, we’ve decensored the dicks. Thanks Al!
If you’re looking for DaiSuga stuff, we should have some on the way in the near future~

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  • GaviotaPerdida

    Thanks a lot! 😀

  • gwendelp

    thank you, me too, it’s more Daichi seme, because Suga is really cute on bottom !! well i’m going to see if i like him that way !

  • /hyperventilates/ thank you~

  • Maute50

    Thank you very much for all your work to share this wonderful dj., I’m happy to get it to read!!

  • Xi Jie

    Thank you very much! I love this couple!

  • Thanks XD Cinnamon <3

  • Nope nope nope, Suga is the mommy and Daichi daddy …anyway I’m curious so I’m downloading now. Thanks for your work!

    • ‏smileshoran

      I agree