[Sanzu no Hanabata] Mikoshiba Overflow (Free!)

Mikoshiba-OverflowTitle: Mikoshiba Overflow
Circle/Artist: Sanzu no Hanabata/Hachisu (Pixiv)
Parody: Free!
Pairing: Rin x Mikoshiba | Nitori x Mikoshiba | Mob x Mikoshiba | Makoto x Mikoshiba
Rating: R-99

Brief Summary:
Mikoshiba rewards and gives guidance to the members of his swim team rather happily – just in a slightly unorthodox way.

The mob tag might shoo you away but there’s nocon or dubcon here which is always tagged together with mob.
This is just a PWP doujinshi about (1) Rin and Mikoshiba being fuck buddies, (2) Mikoshiba giving advice to Nitori about pent up “energy”, (3) Mikoshiba “rewarding” the swim team members for their effort in the tournament, and an extra about Makoto and Mikoshiba

What’s more perfect than this one for Pervs Day?!

ALSO, we’d like to give Jan the “DICKLICIOUS AWARD” for cleaning this doujin awesomely and decensoring those bajillion dicks beautifully. (Baka Taichou: Jan, I have no words. You did a perfect job in unmasking those pretty swords of lust!)

AND, we’re in dire need JPN Translators, JPN-ENG Proofreaders, Editors, QCers, and Graphic Artists. If you’re interested, email us at baka-dumb-aho@outlook.com (For more info, go to our recruitment page).

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