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[hn] happy Re:verse day (KnB)

happy-Reverse-dayTitle: happy Re:verse day
Circle/Artist: hn/nanabishi hiro (Pixiv)
Parody: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Takao x Midorima
Rating: R-99

Brief Summary:
Takao and Midorima have drunken sex right beside a toilet because Midorima was an idiot and drank too much so he gets to empty his guts out while Takao sticks his dick in him.

Warning: Lots of fucking and puking. You’ve been warned.

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[Karaage Obuzaiya] Yurushite Warui Iruka-chan (Free!)

Yurushite-Warui-Iruka-chanTitle: Yurushite Warui Iruka-chan (Please Forgive This Bad Dolphin)
Circle/Artist: Karaage Obuzaiya/Karaage Muchio (Pixiv)
Parody: Free!
Pairing: Makoto x Haruka x Rin
Rating: R-99

Brief Summary:
Haru confesses to Makoto and Rin, who are both dating him in secret, that he has been two-timing and tries to atone for his cheating. Rin and Makoto both try to compete for Haru.

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