[Karaage Obuzaiya] Yurushite Warui Iruka-chan (Free!)

Yurushite-Warui-Iruka-chanTitle: Yurushite Warui Iruka-chan (Please Forgive This Bad Dolphin)
Circle/Artist: Karaage Obuzaiya/Karaage Muchio (Pixiv)
Parody: Free!
Pairing: Makoto x Haruka x Rin
Rating: R-99

Brief Summary:
Haru confesses to Makoto and Rin, who are both dating him in secret, that he has been two-timing and tries to atone for his cheating. Rin and Makoto both try to compete for Haru.

Free! Season 2 will air in ~12 hours. So, here’s some porn to get you “busy” while you wait. Sorry for the long delay on this release. Feels like Karaage stuff always runs into delays because of the crazy amount of sfx… We still have a ton of Karaage stuff on our hands though (including new ones from Daiya) so expect some in the far off future… XD

ALSO, we’re in dire need of JPN Translators, JPN-ENG Proofreaders, Editors, QCers, and Graphic Artists. If you’re interested, email us at baka-dumb-aho@outlook.com (For more info, go to our recruitment page).

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    the R-99 is what got me here lol! thanks so much

  • gwendelp

    thak you, i love their threesome !! it’s really the best with those 3 :))

  • milollita

    *gasp* scandalous! 😀 Thank you very much!

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    I’m happy to be able to read, thank you very much for your hard work to share!!

    THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • virayu

    YESSS!!!! (O/////////o) The threesome I wanted! XD XD This took a loooong time for me to finish reading after spazzing out every now and then. Ahahaha!! X3 The comedy was gold. Haru’s justification for two-timing with RIn and Makoto was being their roles as girlfriend and boyfriend being fulfilled. Haru’s justification… the justification of it all?!?! Ahaaaa… XD idk what to say… :’D except…

    I was laughing that hard.

    Gah, this doujin had everything– dirty talk, sex positions, and the art… WAAAH!?! XD XD XD XD Ahaa! thank you and I’m sorry Karaage-sensei that you had to remove the “serious” bits and added comedy instead because this was genius and amazing!!! Did I mention hella smexy?!?!?!?!?!?!?! XD XD X3 hahahahaha!!!

    Thank you Baka Dumb Aho Scans! I love thee. (>3<)/ ~~ ♥ ♥

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