[KUMORI] Futari Dake no Wonderland (Barakamon)

Futari-Dake-no-WonderlandTitle: Futari Dake no Wonderland (A Wonderland Just for the Two of Us)
Circle/Artist: KUMORI/Kinako (Pixiv)
Parody: Barakamon
Pairing: Hiroshi x Seishuu
Rating: PG-13
Joint project with ebil trio

Brief Summary:
Seishuu is starving and half-asleep when Hiroshi comes over with lunch and…

Here’s something from another new fandom – Barakamon! If you haven’t watched or read it yet and you like slice of life, we strongly recommend that you check this out. ^^ Hiro and Sensei really make a cute couple.

Most of the stuff we’ve seen for Barakamon is rather tame, which is somewhat expected given the nature of the series, but we do have something more explicit in the works. Also, Panda#4 actually released a Barakamon doujin a long time ago, which might actually be the smuttiest thing ever in terms of doujin for this fandom. We’ve seen it (and some of you might’ve already seen it too), but we don’t have “HQ” raws for it. If anyone has HQ raws, or is willing to get a copy online for us to work on (yes, it can be purchased digitally), please email us at baka-dumb-aho@outlook.com. ^^ (Sorry, most of us are currently quite broke now for various reasons… XD)

Also, the translator would like to note that it was an executive decision to translate “Sensei” as “Teacher” for this doujin, despite objections. If it feels awkward, please do a replacement in your mind while you’re reading it. While Seishuu can and does teach a little calligraphy, “Sensei” as his term of address is meant to convey a sense of respect towards him and his accomplishments in calligraphy, and is not entirely meant to mean “Teacher” here. Unfortunately, there isn’t a suitable English term that encompasses this meaning. The team would like to apologize for any awkwardness and hopes for everyone’s understanding.

(Mister can be a good replacement but it might be too impersonal in some scenarios. Master can be a replacement too but he’s not one yet. Anyway, sensei is a title and teacher is, likewise, and both encompasses several meanings. In many official translations of various works, sensei is always translated into the most appropriate title (doctor, professor, teacher, etc.). However, some fans prefer it untouched. One might say sensei is known by most anime/manga fans so it’s okay to leave it as is. Then, that’s like saying let’s leave “suki” or “mou!” as is. jk)

We’d like to thank Anka of ebil trio for the raws and for cleaning this doujin! Without further ado, we present the first scanlated doujin for this fandom! Enjoy~

We’re in dire need of:

JPN Translators, JPN-ENG Proofreaders, Editors, and QCers.

If you’re interested, email us at baka-dumb-aho@outlook.com (For more info, go to our recruitment page).
We’re definitely looking for editors who are interested in working on MakoHaru, SouRin, Ereri, ErenJean, AoKaga, KiseKuro, Daiya no Ace (in general), Haikyuu!! (in general).

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    It seems the setting for these two is that Sensei is always about to pass out when Hiro brings him food…I never get tired of it though! This was really cute! Thank you~

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