2014 Year-End Countdown Special Project #11

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And we strive onwards, with something quite different from yesterday’s release…

Hyakumankai-Ai-wo-SakebeTitle: Hyakumankai Ai wo Sakebe (The Million Times I Shout for Love)
Circle/Artist: Sashikizu/Gusari (Pixiv)
Parody: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Iwaizumi x Oikawa
Rating: PG-13

Brief Summary:
While Iwaizumi is concealing his love for Oikawa, Oikawa enjoys teasing him as a way of expressing his love. How long can this last before they find out they mutually like each other?

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This is part of a Countdown to 2015 project of BDA Scans. We’ll release one scanlation a day until the New Year. Well, hopefully, we can stick to the schedule hahaha.

It’s Gusari! I guess it’s pretty obvious we’d try to release something of hers for a special occasion. (We didn’t manage to get any licca stuff done on time though.) It’s yet another heart-warming story of hers, so I hope you’ll enjoy~ It seems like she’s moved into HQ!! already and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more HQ stuff from her. I recently finished the translation for the military AU one and I must say you’ll enjoy seeing certain characters look absolutely cool. I hope she’ll consider drawing other pairings aside from IwaOi too. ^^

And speaking of Gusari, as Jin said, she’ll be releasing her second KuroBasu anthology for Winter Comiket, although it isn’t listed in the stores yet. She stated on pixiv that she’ll be doing a short poetic, manga sequel that’s about MidoTaka and HayaMiya as an extra for the anthology, so there’s some chance it will be related to the 13cm MidoTaka story that we did previously. Most of the other parts of the anthology have been done by other groups, including us, except for the AoKuro one + stuff she submitted to certain pairing anthologies, if I’m not wrong, so it seems unlikely that we will be getting it. If you’re willing to donate scans from it for anything that has not been done to us, please send us an email or leave a message in our Tumblr or Livejournal. We’ll definitely appreciate and prioritize it! I’m sure tons of people out there are interested to see if there will be a happy ending for MidoTaka in the 13cm universe~

Stay tuned for another release tomorrow~

Baka Taichou’s Side Comment~

Was anyone reminded of another work of Gusari herself while reading this? Well, they’re not that similar, but when that scene with the ex-gf was shown, it was like, “wait a minute… is it some kinda deja vu?” xD

That aside… does anyone have a daiya crackpair like Tetsu x Eijun? Then, I rec this artist [x] Come join us in shipping this crackpair xD

We’re terribly in dire need of:

JPN Translators (one or two), JPN-ENG Proofreaders, Editors, Typesetters (one or two), and QCers.

If you’re interested, email us at baka-dumb-aho@outlook.com (For more info, go to our recruitment page).
We’re definitely looking for editors who are interested in working on MakoHaru, SouRin, Ereri, ErenJean, AoKaga, KiseKuro, Daiya no Ace (in general), Haikyuu!! (in general).

NOTE: December scanlations will be available in the online reader until the second week of January~

  • manel

    guys really you made my day i was waiting like crazy for this one, Gusari is one of my fav doujinka: her art and storie’s style is just perfect. and let’s pray for a happy mido taka ending, the 13 centimiters was very sad

  • Joanna

    GUSARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~ AND IWAOI~ THank you got your hard work. I hope for a happy ending to 13 cm too, but it’s gusari and she is quite the s. tHANK YOU~

  • hypnos28

    Oh God thank you so much for the Gusari work!! I’m hoping you guys get the scans to the 13 cm sequel too and hope its a happy ending. I love her works and I was introduced to her thanks to the awesome job you guys do. Thank you so much!!

  • GaviotaPerdida

    Thanks so much, I simply adore Gusari’s works and I hope someone gives you the scans you requested!!!

  • VictoryDay

    Thank you^^

  • Holly

    Thank you guys! I loved her Kurobas doujinshi

  • Phongmanus B.

    Thank you very much!

  • tokkei12

    My HQ!! OTP + Gusari = SO MUCH WIN >.< Thank you!

  • gwendelp

    Cool Gusari ;)) thank you a lot i’m happy too for the next MidoTaka !! the last was absolutely beautiful, in fact all her kuroko are so great !! thanks

  • Elena

    Gusari!! Thank you so muchhh! i really adore her works *w*
    Thank god iwaoi is her hq!!ship 😀

  • Maute50

    Thank you very much for all your work, I’m looking forward to read!!

  • Ai Mikaze

    Thank you VERY MUCH !!! my heart can’t resist all the feelings!!! THANK YOU

  • milollita

    This is such a gem! Gusari’s Oikawa is really gorgeous and the story brought me to tears~ Thank you so much!

  • Realist

    Lovely, Gusari sensei! Thank you!!!

  • I haven’t read this one …yet, Im downloading it right now, thanks so, soo much for your hard work, of course for share as well
    See ya

  • Kumi

    Thank you soo muchh for your hardwork!! :DD

    *actuallyfirsttimeforvisitinghereand,,,wowisuperlikethepicturebanner <3 <3 <3