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Whenever I hear or say “we’re back”, it always reminds me of JYP. Hahaha
Goodies after the break.

Usagi ni Natta OniisamaTitle: Usagi ni Natta Onii-sama (My Brother Became a Rabbit)
Circle/Artist: licca/Kashima (Pixiv)
Parody: Ao no Exorcist
Pairing: Yukio x Rin
Rating: R-18
Warning: Incest

Brief Summary:
Rin gets rabbit features like rabbit ears and tail because of a jackalope. But of course, the infamous characteristic of rabbits of screwing all year round also manifests on Rin. Oh lucky you Yukio! Or should it be poor you Yukio?

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SignTitle: SIGN
Circle/Artist: color cube/Yomi (Pixiv)
Parody: Shingeki no Kyojin
Pairing: Levi x Eren
Rating: R-18

Brief Summary:
Eren wonders why Levi keeps biting him during sex.

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Okay, first and foremost, we apologize for the 4-month hiatus. Most of us are really busy. OTL

But hey, we’re back and here to give you your weekly doze of smut yaoi doujins :3
Yes, you read it correctly, “weekly”. Don’t hold your breath but we have a bunch of unreleased projects that we’ll release in the coming weeks. Let’s hope we get JPN Proofers or Translator Checkers who have quite the free time to check our scripts that are accumulating dust for a long time now. If we get a new JPN Proofer/TLC, we can promise that we’ll be able to do a steady weekly release πŸ™‚

Other positions are still open too, notably translators and cleaners/editors.

Anyways, after one year and a half, we have a new AoEx release! And it’s decensored for your viewing pleasure :3
It’s also from one of our favorite doujinka hehe

AND, we have a new Direct Link feature. But please don’t abuse it as our bandwidth’s limited. Please don’t use it for hotlinking or sharing to your friends. Use the zippyshare or solidfiles link instead. Note: This feature will not be available for releases prior to this one. It’s taxing to update 150+ releases hahaha

(For those who have filled out the retranslation form but haven’t received a reply yet. Please wait for a moment. Will reply to you guys today.)

Until next week!

We’re terribly in dire need of:

JPN Translators, JPN-ENG Proofreaders, Editors and QCers.

If you’re interested, email us at baka-dumb-aho@outlook.com (For more info, go to our recruitment page).
We’re definitely looking for editors who are interested in working on MakoHaru, SouRin, Ereri, ErenJean, AoKaga, KiseKuro, Daiya no Ace (in general), Haikyuu!! (in general).

NOTE: Scanlations will be available in the online reader for only a month.

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