[mannendoko] Toilet ni te (Daiya)

Toilet-ni-teTitle: Toilet ni te. (In a toilet)
Circle/Artist: mannendoko/kimidori (Pixiv)
Parody: Daiya no A
Pairing: Miyuki x Sawamura
Rating: R-18
Joint project with bunny’s scanlations

Brief Summary:
Miyuki gets trapped in the bathroom and overhears someone jerking off in the next stall β€” and it turns out to be Sawamura!

We haven’t released a Daiya one for some time, so here you go! ^^ Don’t expect to see much Daiya in the near future though since there’s hardly anyone working on it at the moment. While I have tried my best to spread things out across the various fandoms as much as possible, we’re a little too short-handed at the moment for that to work out. So you’ll be seeing more KuroBasu and Haikyuu over the next few months since that’s where current staff interests lie, while anything else from other fandoms is mostly us trying to clear backlog (aka stuff we started working on about half a year ago (or more) and kept getting stuck at various people). Hopefully with new people, and winter holidays, we’ll be able to start on more new projects while clearing backlog at the same time, so do hang around even if we might not be able to release pairings you like for a while. Or, you’re welcome to join us to help us out if you want to see more releases that you like!

Announcement: Jin is currently MIA, and since I don’t have access to the group email, all retranslation requests are on hold (including all those over the past few weeks that have not gotten an email reply yet). For applicants who have submitted tests or applicants who have emailed with questions/applications/etc. I’m very sorry about the delays. You can contact me (tyl) directly via my email (dream.scape.mirror[AT]gmail{DOT}com) or message us on Tumblr, and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible (I’ll reply within one day!). Thank you for your understanding.

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