[MICROMACRO] have a bite (Haikyuu!!)

have-a-biteTitle: have a bite
Circle/Artist: MICROMACRO/Sako (Pixiv)
Parody: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Kuroo x Tsukishima
Rating: R-18
Joint project with HQ!! Scans

Brief Summary:
Tsukishima visits Kuroo in Tokyo, happens to put on his jersey, and causes him to become really turned on.

This is a late release since Jin’s been MIA for a while. HQ Scans released it first in time for Tsukki’s birthday, but we’ve done a little more polishing, so here is the final version. ^^ Hope you enjoy! This is MICROMACRO’s third KuroTsukki and we’ll be bringing you her second (which is the sequel to her first) soon. Thanks to our awesome raw provider, we’ll be working on quite a bit of her stuff. There is a warning written in English by the doujinka which we’ve chosen to leave untouched, and we’ll leave it to you guys to decide what you should do. For us, we don’t intend to compete with the doujinka’s sales, hence there is a significant delay between the release of the doujin and our release, and we hope you will support the doujinka if you enjoy reading our release.

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Recruiting!! ^^ Translators, JP->ENG Proofers, Editors, Cleaners, Redrawers, Typesetters, Quality Checkers welcome!
If you’re interested, email us at baka-dumb-aho@outlook.com (For more info, go to our recruitment page).

NOTE: Scanlations will be available in the online reader for only a month.

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