[SKEW] I Am Your Playboy You Are My Bunny (DMMd)

I-Am-Your-Playboy-You-Are-My-BunnyTitle: I Am Your Playboy You Are My Bunny
Circle/Artist: SKEW/Qko (Pixiv)
Parody: DRAMAtical Murder
Pairing: Noiz x Aoba
Rating: R-18

Brief Summary:
Noiz gets a device that can add animal ears and a tail to a person, so he tries it out on Aoba.

Happy Lunar New Year! ^^ I decided to delay last month’s releases so there would be stuff to release today and on Valentine’s. I’ve been busy and so have quite a number of our staff so things have been pretty slow. I’m unsure if there will be new stuff to release for the end of the month yet, but I should have some time to do some stuff after this week. Hope you enjoy this cute release! ^^

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