[Guide] Typesetting

This is not going to be a tutorial, it’d be just a guide on how we want you to typeset for us. If you’re a newbie in typesetting, other groups, like DP, ForeverMore (mainly sfx), RedHawk , and Senbonzakura, have provided tutorials on them already. Head over those links to learn more about the art of typesetting.

What do you need?

  • Photoshop (the most recent, the better)
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Perseverance

Creativity is self-explanatory but why do you need to have patience too? Typesetting can exhaust you and sfx will test your patience. You need to persevere to finish the whole doujinshi, especially the long ones (~70 pages). ts

Font Template (name (font style), size, color, anti-alias, text effect)

  • Speech
    CC Wild Words Int (Roman), 8pt (1300px height) or 9pt (1500px height), Black, Smooth
  • Loud Speech
    CC Wild Words Int (Bold Italic), 9pt to 12pt, Black, Smooth
  • Thoughts Inside Bubbles, Narration Inside Boxes, Thoughts/Narration Outside Bubbles/Boxes
    CC Astro City Int (Italic), 8pt (1300px height) or 9pt (1500px height), Black, Smooth
  • Phone Speech
    CreativeBlock BB, 10pt, Black, Smooth
  • Small Texts
    SwaggerBold, 12pt (11pt Vertical Spacing), Black, Smooth
    Hand of Sean, 10pt to 12pt, Black Smooth
  • Notes
    Zud Juice (Bold), 10pt, Black, Smooth
  • Moans
    A little pot, A Safe Place to Fall, Aaron’s Hand, Bring the noize, CARO, Rambo Killer, Royfont, Elisana, mince
  • SFX (You can use other fonts, these are just examples)
    aaaiight!, Akbar, Another, AhnberHand, Alphahate, Baloney, Bearpaw, Bolide, BranchingMouse Becker, Cataclysmic, Christopherhand, Comiccity, Crazy Killer, Daniel, dickhop, Doktor terror, Edo, Edo SZ, Faraco Hand, Fighting Spirit TBS, In his hands, Inkburrow, KBwhenpigsfly, PinkClouds, Shipwreck, Smudger LET, Zachary

For cutesy texts or pained speech, find something suitable. You can go to dafont.com to download more fonts. Also, you’re not restricted to the above sfx and moan fonts, you can use others but they must fit the scenario or the action. For yelling, you can use other fonts too like Yikes.

Things to remember:

  • Check the script for ellipse glyphs. Convert them all to three consecutive dots.
    – Highlight one occurrence of the ellipse glyph
    – press CTRL+H
    – input three consecutive dots in the “Replace with:” field.
    – press “Replace All”
  • Check the script for “!?”. They should be converted to “?!”.
  • Check the mode (Image > Mode) of the image, it must be in grayscale. Set it to grayscale if it isn’t.
  • Check the resolution of the image, it must be 110. Set it to 110 if it isn’t. (Ctrl + I or Image Resize, (important) put 110 on the resolution box first, then 1300 or 1500 or 1600 etc (depends on what’s the height of the cleaned page) to the height box)
  • Speeches, thoughts, and narrations should be centered in the bubbles or boxes.
  • Speeches, thoughts, and narrations should follow the shape of the bubble or box. Avoid the hourglass-shape.
  • There are no tilde “~” and other special characters in CC Wild Words Int so you have to highlight them and set the font to Anime Ace 2.0 BB or New Wild Words.
  • If your small text or sfx is on top of a line art or background art, use a white stroke of “2″.
  • If the background of the text is all black, make the text white not black.
  • Hyphenate in proper places. Avoid hyphenation if it isn’t necessary.
  • If the text is too big for a bubble or box, ask the proofer to shorten it OR decrease the font size.
  • Don’t let the text touch the borders of the bubbles or boxes.
  • If the text is patterned, make it patterned (check the ForeverMore tutorial on how to do it).
  • All sfx must be in lowercase except if the font is in all caps.
  • Be creative and be mindful of the size of your sfx.

You can download the fonts here: link
You can download the patterns here: link