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Happy (Belated) 1st Anniversary!!



We’re late by about one day but still Happy 1st Anniversary!!
It’s yet another batch release, so please check under the cut for them! ^^

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[irorabbi] Kyou Kara Futari Osewa ni Narimasu!? (KnB)

Kyou-Kara-Futari-Osewa-ni-NarimasuTitle: Kyou Kara Futari Osewa ni Narimasu!? (From Today on, The Two of Us Will Be in Your Care!!)
Circle/Artist: irorabbi/Arima (Pixiv)
Parody: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Aomine x Kuroko
Rating: G/PG-13

Brief Summary:
Two shady guys turned Aomine and Kuroko into kids. They then barged into Kagami’s house and asked him to take care of them while they remained as kids.
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