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October Bulk Release #1 – Birthday Batch


Happy Belated Birthday to Akihito, Yuuki, Gintoki & Nishinoya!!
There are quite a few projects, so check them out under the cut!

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[Karaage Obuzaiya] Otonamuke Free no Freedom na Hon (Free!)

Otonamuke-Free-no-FreedomTitle: Otonamuke Free no Freedom na Hon
Circle/Artist: Karaage Obuzaiya/Karaage Muchio (Pixiv)
Parody: Free!
Pairing: Haruka x Makoto | Haruka x Rin | Rin x Haruka | Nagisa x Rei
Rating: R-99

Brief Summary:
Nagisa, Rei, and Rin came over to Haru’s house and saw Makoto and Haru having sex. Because our sinister penguin shota, Nagisa, suggested they should have some fun, Makoto and Haru and Rin did *bleeeep*. Also, Rei is once again smooth-talked by Nagisa.

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