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December Batch

We’re catching up on our overdue releases, so check them out under the cut!
Happy Belated Birthdays to Kuroo, Makoto, Miyuki and Rei! (Sorry Takao, the release for yours will only be ready later~ XD)

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Towards the Three Digits

This is a very special release as we now have 99 projects released, just short of one to make it 100. Hence, the title. There are a lot of them so I hid them under the “read more” tag.

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[Yuinoji] Haruka na Hibi no Kaidan, Noboru Sono Saki [First Part] (Free!)

Haruka-na-Hibi-no-Kaidan-First-PartTitle: Haruka na Hibi no Kaidan, Noboru Sono Saki (What Lies Beyond the Stairs of Distant Days) (First Part)
Circle/Artist: Yuinoji/Rokka (Pixiv)
Parody: Free!
Pairing: Rin x Haruka
Rating: R-15

Brief Summary:
Haruka and Rin worry about the future of their relationship.

Warning: If you’ve read 13 centimeters and felt really sad, be prepared.

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